In 1621 the Pilgrims and Indians celebrated a time of thanksgiving.  In 1789 George Washington declared a day of “thanksgiving and prayer.”  In 1863 Abraham Lincoln set the date to the last Thursday of November.  FDR in 1939 tinkered with the date and moved it to the third Thursday in November due to the Great depression, the start of WWII and at the request of retailers.  His tinkering caused confusion until 1941 when congress passed a law declaring Thanksgiving to be the last Thursday in November.

Most of us will take time to give thanks this week.  We will give thanks for family, a home, food, seeing us through a hard time, but there is one ‘thing’ that should rise to the top of our thankfulness list, Jesus.  We should be thankful for a God who loves us enough to send the very best, Jesus.  We should be thankful for a Savior who is acquainted with the grief of this life, with the temptations of this world and the hurts of broken relationships.  We should be thankful for a Savior who paid a debt that He did not owe, for all of us who could never pay.  We should be thankful for a Savior who did not stop short, but went until it was finished.  We should be thankful for a Savior who is patient with us.  We should be thankful for our Savior, Jesus Christ.

This Thanksgiving season be certain to thank your heavenly Father for Jesus.  Also take the time to tell others why you are so thankful for Him.  I know that our lives are forever changed because of him.  I know that it may be difficult to put into words what is in your heart.  I know that tears might come, but all of this will be ok.  When we try we honor our Savior.  We can also rest assured that God will take our meager efforts or our monumental efforts and he will use them in other peoples lives.  Pause. . .say thank you to your Savior for your salvation and His presence everyday in your life.

God bless,

Pastor Scott


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